Hangtown Vigilance Committee
Placerville, CA

The Hangtown Vigilance Committee is ideal for folks who want to try cowboy action shooting without a full complement of SASS-approved guns & equipment or for experienced CAS shooters who want to use unconventional CAS guns.

The club holds practice sessions at 9AM on the second and fourth Thursdays (Check the range calendar at www.eldoradorodandgun.com for schedule.) Come with whatever equipment you have and get some practice, tips and cameraderie. The practice will include scenarios to be shot in a "mini-match" format.

Eye and ear protection mandatory for all shooters and all visitors. To participate in a match, bring 2 six guns, gun belt and holsters, a pistol caliber lever action or pump action rifle with tubular magazine (no .30-30s) and any double, single, pump or lever action shotgun and your ammo belt/bandoleers. (You may participate even if you donít have all these guns and other equipment.) You may use .22 LR revolvers and rifles and .410 shotguns.

Bring 60 revolver, 60 rifle, and 30 shotgun shells. Lead bullets only. No jacketed or gas checked bullets. No copper washed bullets (.22 LR excepted). No steel shot. Light target loads with #7-1/2 shot are recommended. No heavy shotgun hunting loads.

Reduced load pistol and rifle ammo recommended. 1,000 fps maximum for revolvers, 1,400 fps maximum for rifles. Lower velocities are highly recommended. High velocity heavy bullets have no advantage in CAS shooting.

Western-looking attire required. No short sleeve shirts, tank tops, tee shirts, ball caps, sneakers, or camouflage.

Visitors with eye protection and ear protection are welcome. There is no fee for visitors. Preschool children are discouraged. Children require adult supervision.

Cost: $10 match fee. $5 discount for members of the El Dorado Rod and Gun Club.


The Other Guy
530-642-9084 evenings

El Suave

2nd Friday and 4th Sunday of each month. Mandatory safety meeting at 8:45AM. Shooting starts at 9:00AM.

Pistol Range
El Dorado Rod & Gun Club
Near Placerville

From Sacramento go east on US50 towards Placerville. Exit right onto Missouri Flat road (south). Missouri Flat Road will dead-end into Pleasant Valley Road. Turn right (west). Go about 2 miles to El Dorado. Turn left (south) at stop sign (at Poor Reds) to continue on SR 49, left onto Union Mine Road, and then follow the map.

From Amador county and points south in the foothills, go north on SR 49 to El Dorado and and turn right onto Union Mine Road then follow the map. If you get to the stop sign at Poor Reds, you have gone at bit too far. Make a U turn, turn left onto Union Mine Road and then follow the map.

From Placer county and points north, go south on SR49 to El Dorado. Turn left (south) at stop sign (at Poor Reds) to continue on SR 49, left onto Union Mine Road, and then follow the map.

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