Links to Useful Sites

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

SVSC Home Page
All the information about the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, home of Cowboy Town.

Cowboy Action Shooting Sites

SASS Home Page
All the information about the Single Action Shooting Society.

SASS Handbook and RO Manuals
Read these, study these, know these.

SASS Wild Bunch
SASS Wild Bunch website -- all the scoop on this fun variation on Cowboy Action Shooting.

SASS Wild Bunch Rules
SASS Wild Bunch rules -- a direct link to the rules handbooks.

SASS Wire Forum
Talk to your compatriots around the world, ask questions, sell or buy stuff on their Classifieds section.

Stay up to date with SASS news releases.

Open Range
An alternative site for Cowboy Action Shooting info and conversation.

Capt. Baylor's "Getting Started in Cowboy Action Shooting"
A good introduction for new shooters or anyone interested in learning about the sport.

Wild Bunch for Dummies by Captain George Baylor.
All the scoop on SASS Wild Bunch matches.

Gun Carts and leather by Hay Root.
Morguns Ann Ammo has one that she loves to show off. Check out the website!

Leather and Canvas by Wayne Yarbrough.
Wayne is often at 5Dogs and Chorro Valley for their annual matches and is very fast at customizing shotgun belts to your size.

Safety Glasses USA
There is nothing more important than your eyes. Get some wrap-around glasses. The company has many to choose from at reasonable prices.

Tasco Safety Glasses
This company sells clip-on sideshields for your glasses.

JS Publications
Doc Shapiro has CAS tips, videos and of course, his books on Cowboy Action Shooting and Black Powder loading.

Piney Woods' Cowboy Action Shooting
The highlight here is the list of SASS aliases. Not all-inclusive - that seems to be a mystery - but the best list available.

The Old West Action Shooting Gallery A large collection of photos of cowboy action shooters from around the country. Match up the names you hear about with some faces!

CAS City
See profiles and photos of SASS folks.

Western 3 Gun
An exciting variation -- Cowboy Action Shooting on the move!

Photographs of Major Shoots:

Doubleshot Darlin's Shootin' Gallery
(Cowboy Division of
Doubleshot Darlin' (Debi Mann) shoots awesome pictures of major cowboy events in our area. Check out her website for the latest ones. You can purchase prints, but you don't need to buy to look.

Reloading Data and Products:

Alliant Powder Reloading Data
The source for info on Unique, Green Dot, American Select, and other good powders. Check out their cowboy action page.

IMR Powder Co.
The makers of Trail Boss powder.

Hodgdon Powder Co.
All the info from the makers of Titewad, Titegroup, Clays, and the Triple-7 and Pyrodex black powder substitutes. See their Cowboy Action loading data.

Goex Powder
Blackpowder... nuff said.

Elephant Black Powder
More blackpowder... OK, now, nuff said.

Lots of info on reloading components, plus download the Reloader's Manual.

Dillon Precision
Excellent reloading equipment - they provide great product support.

Bullet-proof reloading equipment.

Lee Precision, Inc.
Affordable reloading equipment. Good aluminum bullet molds.

Lyman Products
Good reloading equipment. Outstanding bullet molds. Check out their line of sights.

Gun Parts and Gunsmithing:

Lots of tools and parts.

Numrich Gun Parts Corp.
Specializing in current and obsolete gun parts and accessories. And you have to check out their Gun Schematics for a wide variety of guns.

VTI Replica Gun Parts
Great source for parts for Pedersoli, Uberti, Pietta, Colt, USFA, Ruger.

Marauder's Old Irons Page
Gun maintenance and tuning tips. The Hobby Gunsmith
Lots of useful info plus, you can subscribe to their newsletter. Click on the "Back Issues" link for more articles.

A little bit of everything.

Natchez Shooters Supplies
A variety of shooting-oriented products.

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